Friends of Elkins Main Street

Help Elkins Main Street to grow a vibrant Downtown experience and environment.

Yes, I would like to support a vibrant, livable Downtown as a friend of Elkins Main Street.

Why is this important? Downtown is the heart and soul of Elkins. It tells the story of who we are and how the past has shaped us. Our collective identity is not present in the strip malls or cookie cutter sprawl of modern-day development, but resides in the built environment of historic downtown Elkins.

Elkins Main Street is dedicated to preserving the past for future generations and making downtown Elkins the very best it can be in the present. Our success depends upon support from various sources, including local government and grants dedicated to specific projects. Most importantly, we depend on generous contributions from the community to sustain our efforts.

Elkins Main Street invites you to be part of the ongoing effort to transform downtown Elkins. Become a Friend of Elkins Main Street today. Your contribution in any amount will be sincerely appreciated.