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Elkins City Services Directory

Click Elkins City Directory for a detailed guide to city services and contacts for local businesses.

Parking Information 

The city of Elkins has permit parking available downtown. Two hour free parking is also available for downtown in designated areas. Click here for a detailed list of parking lots and permits available from the city.

Downtown Elkins Design Best Practices Book

The Elkins Main Street design best practices are intended to assist and inspire those making investments in new or renovated buildings. Improving the appearances of downtown are important objectives of both the City of Elkins Comprehensive Plan and the Elkins Streetscape Vision by Elkins Main Street. Created by the Elkins Main Street Design Committee, these practices will help assist you. Take a look at the Design Best Practices.

Starting a Small Business in Elkins, West Virginia

Trying to find information on how to start your small business? Look no further, Small Business Start-Up Plan has all of the information you need in one spot. Just click on the link above and get started. We would love to see you in downtown Elkins, West Virginia.

Branding Workshop

Elkins Main Street hosted a three day community branding workshop for the city of Elkins. The agenda consisted of six roundtable discussions including a public meeting to hear the input of the community. After the three day session, a presentation was held for everyone to attend and see what the presenters displayed for the city of Elkins. This encompassed the majority of everyones thoughts and opinions.

Streetscape Vision

The Elkins Streetscape Vision will serve as a framework to begin affordable short-term streetscape improvements, while guiding the City and the downtown stakeholders in the preparation of a plan for a comprehensive streetscape reconstruction.

Dave Cutlip co-chair of Design committee, Karen Carper Director of Elkins Main Street present the”Elkins Streetscape Vision”.

The Elkins Streetscape vision plan was approved by the City Council of Elkins, West Virginia in 2017. Click here to read more about the Elkins Streetscape Vision plan.

Take time to hear what David Cutlip Co-chair of the Elkins Main Street Design committee has to say about the Elkins Streetscape Vision Plan at this podcast on the Gary Bowden Show.

Bicycle Pedestrian Connections

The bicycle pedestrian connection project is now in progress. The concept of this project consists of creating different bike paths from the Elkins Depot Welcome Center to areas of recreation and enjoyment. Click here to see a sketch of the project.

Design Assistance

All businesses located in the downtown district are welcome to take advantage of expert design assistance available through Main Street West Virginia. Please contact Madelyn Humphrey at 304-637-4803 or to schedule an appointment.

Local Food Market Survey Results

Elkins Downtown Farmers Market

Elkins Main Street funded this study to assess the feasibility of creating a retail market that features locally grown and produced products. Main Street hopes that this study will inspire entrepreneurs to move forward with the idea and consider locating in downtown Elkins. Click the link below for more information on the survey results.  Elkins – Local Food Assessment 

Parking Study Report

Elkins Main Street conducted a downtown parking study to develop an in-depth understanding of current parking conditions and identify potential improvements and/or strategies in 2015. The information and direction gained throughout the parking study process provides a sound basis for local decision-making strategies aimed at enhancing the economic and social qualities of the Elkins downtown business district. A copy of the report can be found at Elkins ON-TRAC Parking Powerpoint and Parking Survey Report.