The Elkins Brand was created by Skylar Spence for Elkins to have a cohesive image for the community to use! This resource was made possible through the work of the Elkins HubCAP Leadership Team with the West Virginia Community Development Hub. Community organizations and businesses are encouraged to use the logos, colors, fonts, and images for marketing and branding. Whether it is an event poster, merchandise, or online marketing, we encourage you to download the files and follow the Brand Identity Guide below to utilize the Elkins Brand.

Statement of Use: The Elkins Brand was developed by the Elkins Main Street organization. It is intended for use only by Randolph County, WV area businesses and entities, including specifically the Elkins HubCAP Team. If using the Brand, we ask that you keep the images and colors true to the samples provided.


If you have questions, please contact Elkins Main Street at [email protected]


The Elkins Brand fonts are variations of Buket and Filson Pro. To download these font files, contact [email protected] 


Logo Variations & Images

Below are the logo variations for you to download and use! Select the image to download and use. For additional variations of the logo and icons, contact us. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions or assistance!