Elkins Market Study Research & Results


Elkins was one of seven WV communities to receive Advanced Level Market Analysis Services through Main Street West Virginia. Part of these services included an updated Market Snapshot, shown below, that identifies the market potential and details of our regional demographics. The other service was the New Prospects Survey that was completed by the community. These resources are helping Elkins Main Street support downtown businesses by capitalizing on the opportunities for the business community to emerge even stronger in the post-COVID-19 era.


Elkins Main Street used the communities input from the survey to help promote development opportunities, to profile business candidates, and to fine-tune our business retention, expansion, and recruitment strategies. Thank you for your time and support in building a vibrant downtown Elkins!

Contact us if you would like more detailed data from the Snapshot and Survey. 

Elkins Snapshot

Elkins Survey Results

More detailed information from the Market Snapshot or the Market Study Results is available upon request. We encourage you to use this information to support your business endeavors!